22 May 2017   

Telegraph: EU threat to move euro clearing away from London is a tool to whip Britain

Michael Spencer, NEX CEO, discusses the dangers of new EU legislation on the regulation of clearing houses. He writes, "It would be a nationalistic and retrograde step, running deeply against efficient and free markets and would impose upon London an unprecedented penalty."

09 May 2017   

Evening Standard: Look beyond AIM for the Nex generation of small-cap markets

Anthony Hilton writes about the modern use of stock exchanges and crowd-funding. Another effort to use stock markets to meet a genuine need is under way at the Nex Exchange, the spin-out of the markets infrastructure business which used to be hidden inside Icap.

01 May 2017   

Risk: TriOptima adds MVA calculations to XVA service

Nex Group is aiming to kick-start the practice of pricing in the cost of funding initial margin on non-cleared derivatives trades with the launch of a margin valuation adjustment (MVA) calculator for dealers and buy-side firms.

06 April 2017   

JohnLothian: NEX Stop, The Future Of Markets

NEX has taken on some of the identity of modern exchanges, which do many things besides count pennies for every trade and cleared contract. So, can they become the Amazon of the financial markets? Spencer would say unequivocally, yes.

29 March 2017   

Bloomberg: Malaysia's Currency Crackdown is Hitting Speculators

Offshore trading in ringgit non-deliverable forwards on EBS BrokerTec’s electronic platform has dropped by about 70 percent since policy makers took steps in November to deter foreign banks from trading the contracts. Jeff Ward provides some context, "“From what I’ve heard from participants, it’s probably made it harder for some offshore investors in Malaysian debt to hedge their risk..."

29 March 2017   

Complinet: Regulators' AI-enabled surveillance tools will flag market abuse at trader level in near-real time

"Regulators have had pretty good surveillance tools for MiFID I and, using cloud computing, they will be better for MiFID II. In the next five years this kind of surveillance will become the norm. They will change the face of regulation and make it harder to hide. It will expose shortcomings within firms' monitoring and controls," said Collin Coleman, chief executive at Abide Financial.



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