15 October 2017   

Sunday Times: Teach yourself to . . . list on the junior stock market

There are still many benefits to going public, including access to capital through a wider range of investors and an increased profile. “There are clear advantages to having a public price for your shares,” said Patrick Birley, chief executive of NEX Exchange, a rival to AIM, which counts Arsenal football club and brewer Shepherd Neame among its constituents. “It’s easier to incentivise management. It makes an exit process much more straightforward.”

06 October 2017   

HFM: Technology Today in Hedge Fund Treasury and Exposure Management

NEX Optimisation executives provide their views on the current state of the industry, trends and new entrants into the marketplace set to affect the industry within the next three-to-five years.

29 September 2017   

FTF News: FTF Awards Gala Q&A - Portfolio fragmentation will spur more scrutiny of disputes

NEX TriOptima won the “Best Collateral Management Solution,” and Jenny Nilsson, product marketing executive for triResolve, answers questions from FTF News on the state of collateral management.

01 September 2017   

The Spectator: Is there enough choice for stock market investors?

Investing in the stock market can be a laborious task. Reading the latest research, calling up your broker, watching the latest trends on financial TV channels, subscribing to the Financial Times or reading Investment Week or Investors Chronicle. What if you as an investor could have access to more than just the companies listed on the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 or FTSE 350?

27 July 2017   

Institutional Investor: The 2017 Tech 40 - 8. Michael Spencer

There is a lot of talk, particularly in mature industries like financial services, about the need to reinvent. Michael Spencer has done it. 

05 July 2017   

Financial Times: Markets break out in Mifid II sweat as new rules loom

  One example is the requirement for trading venues to record and check vast amounts of data — some of which will come from the venue’s users, who will all need an internationally-recognised unique 20-character number known as a Legal Entity Identifier. Complying with this rule is then complicated if you are trading via an Asian, rather an EU-based entity. “In that case, reporting requirements fall to us, which requires collection of personal data,” says Ben Pott, head of European affairs at Nex Group, which operates a bond and currency trading venue in London.



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