18 January 2017   

NEX Group CEO Michael Spencer reacts to Theresa May's Brexit speech

Speaking to CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr. Spencer says that he expects a higher-than-usual level of market activity as President-Elect Donald Trump beds in and starts to roll back parts of the he Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The regulation was well-intentioned, the CEO says, but has become over-engineered. Mr. Spencer says that while he doesn't believe Mr. Trump will deliver on all of his election policies, he sees this one coming to fruition. NEX shares are 1.1% up at 519p.

08 December 2016   

John Lothian News: Scott Feldman, NEX Infinity – The Fintech Evolution

ICAP's Scott Feldman discusses the Infinity project at NYC event.

14 November 2016   

Institutional Investor: The Fintech Finance 35: Steve Gibson

Many of the Fintech Finance 35 have "partner" in their titles. Their firms are structured as partnerships but all on the list are partners in a practical day-to-day sense. They are as much strategic advisers and collaborators as they are funders. Steve Gibson, CEO Euclid Opportunities, is ranked number 23. He recalls, "The markets needed new platforms, talent, and management teams to solve new problems of efficiency, scale, capital and resources.."

07 October 2016   

The Trade Derivatives: Will RegTech disrupt Fintech?

RegTech only truly entered the financial market lexicon in the last year, yet the sector's rapid growth is telling. Traditional solutions are now being provided in a more efficient way by leveraging new technology, for example cloud computing, according to Ben Pott, Group Head of Government Affairs, ICAP.

04 October 2016   

Waters Technology: Let's Get Digital - Big Banks Consider Digital Currencies on Distributed Ledgers

Deutsche Bank, BNY Mellon and Santander, along with ICAP, were the latest to join the trend when they announced their partnership with UBS and Clearmatics to create a Utility Settlement Coin that could be used to clear and settle financial trades on a distributed ledger.

03 October 2016   

South China Morning Post: Yuan globalisation draws foreign service providers and Brexit leaves HK firms on edge

Michael Spencer talks to SCMP about how the yuan becoming more internationalised and integrated into global markets has made it necessary for foreign players offering services for traders (such as ICAP) to extend these services to those trading or settling in the Chinese currency. In a separate article Michael Spencer discusses the impact of Brexit on the Financial Markets.



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