NEX Markets Volumes - August 2017

06 September 2017

NEX Markets Volumes – August 2017

Average daily volume (in USD billions, single count)
  August YoY% change July MoM% change

12 Months ended 31 August

% change
  2016 2017   2017   2016 2017  
US Treasury 142.1 131.2 (8%) 145.2 (10%) 160.3 165.1 3%
US Repo 219.0 225.8 3% 225.2 0% 212.5 224.0 5%
European Repo (in EUR billions) 165.7 228.0 38% 228.0 0% 172.7 208.3 21%
Spot FX 65.5 83.0 27% 81.6 2% 83.8 84.3 1%

Volume information includes UST Benchmarks and Agencies. Off-the-Run securities, including T-Bills, are provided pursuant to an agreement with ICAP Securities USA LLC.

Historical data is available here:


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