Joanna Davies honoured in 2017 Women in Finance awards

07 November 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that Joanna Davies, Managing Director, Traiana, received the ‘trailblazer’ award at the 2017 Markets Media Women in Finance awards on 7 November 2017.

Davies was honoured with the ‘Trailblazer’ award which is historically presented to high-performing women who broke the gender barrier in advancing up the career ladder. Anoushka Hampton, Global FX Sales Specialist for NEX Optimisation was also included as a nominee for the ‘Rising Star’ award.

Terry Flanagan, Managing Editor for Markets Media, said: “As the name implies, Joanna Davies has indeed blazed quite a trail. Now a 25-year sell-side veteran, she started sans University degree in an entry-level back office job, independently studied and passed exams to proceed to a 10-year run as a broker in the male-dominated listed derivatives business and now works as a managing director for a global market infrastructure technology provider.”

Nominations for the awards were sourced from Markets Media’s editorial team, as well as submissions from the publication’s subscriber base, and a Women in Finance Advisory Board worked with the editorial team to narrow down the most deserving award recipients in each category. The 3rd annual awards were presented at a luncheon in New York.



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