John Lothian News: Scott Feldman, NEX Infinity - The Fintech Evolution

08 December 2016
Scott Feldman - The Fintech Evolution

"That ability to communicate well and play [the role of] Google Translate is a differentiating factor for someone in the fintech space. You've got to marry the technology with the finance, and a lot of times they don't speak the same language."

That ability to communicate is one of the soft skills that people hiring in the fintech space seek in candidates. But the industry looks for many more traits in prospective entrants because fintech is a developing corner of the market and, as such, there is no one template for a dream resume or candidate.

According to Scott Feldman, managing director with ICAP Infinity, while candidates can have a variety of traits that qualify them for a job, the business itself should always have three characteristics to help it succeed: being cheaper, better and faster. If you can improve the cost, improve the speed and/or improve the user experience, you will be successful at a given company or with a particular product.

A perfect example given by Feldman is the foreign exchange market. Improvement in all three of those categories turned FX into a $5.3 trillion daily market in 2015, compared with a $2 trillion market in notional daily value in 2004.

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