TriOptima announces the appointment of Ken Nishimura as head of TriOptima Japan

10 January 2012

TriOptima announced that Ken Nishimura has been appointed the head of TriOptima Japan. Mr. Nishimura will manage the continuing expansion of TriOptima’s client relationships in Japan as well as the day-to-day operations of TriOptima’s Tokyo office.

Since the opening of the Tokyo office in 2009, TriOptima has witnessed significant growth in the participation of both Japanese and global financial institutions in its core services, triReduce for portfolio compression and triResolve for counterparty exposure management and portfolio reconciliation.

Mr. Nishimura, who reports to Yutaka Imanishi, CEO of TriOptima Asia Pacific, has extensive experience in the Japanese financial and corporate markets.  He was a Director of Advantage Partners Group and worked in business development and risk management at GE Capital Japan.  He also served in various roles at Normura Securities Co. and Nomura International focusing on the swap and structured product areas.  Mr. Nishimura holds a B.Sc from The University of Tokyo and a M.Sc. from MIT Sloan School of Management.          

“Ken is an excellent choice to lead our continued growth with clients in Japan,” said Yutaka Imanishi, CEO of TriOptima Asia Pacific. “As the regulatory environment changes and the business changes with it, Ken’s experience in the markets will guarantee his ability to meet the challenges that arise and to help clients adapt as well.”

About TriOptima
TriOptima, an ICAP Group company, is the award-winning provider of OTC derivatives infrastructure services including triReduce and triResolve.

triReduce, the portfolio compression service for OTC derivative dealers, pioneers technology that eliminates risk and reduces operational and capital costs. Serving over 150 bank and non-bank subscribers worldwide including the major local and global dealers in derivatives, triReduce is a critical tool for maintaining post trade processing efficiency. triReduce offers compression cycles in single name and index CDS swaps worldwide, IRS swaps in 25 currencies and a range of energy derivatives.

triResolve is a network community service that provides counterparty exposure management services including proactive portfolio reconciliation of OTC derivative portfolios, margin call management, and dispute resolution.  Used by global dealers, regional banks and buy-side firms, triResolve currently reconciles 7 million trades representing over 75% of all non-cleared OTC derivative transactions globally. The service benefits trade control, settlement, documentation, collateral and counterparty credit risk functions.

TriOptima maintains offices in London, New York, Singapore, Stockholm, and Tokyo.

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