triResolve Margin voted Best Collateral Management Solution by the market

16 May 2017

London, New YorkTriOptima, a NEX Group business which lowers costs and mitigates risk in OTC derivatives markets, announces today that its triResolve Margin service was voted Best Collateral Management Solution in the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards.

Market participants voted for triResolve Margin as the leading service for companies looking to optimise their collateral management and meet regulatory demands. The Best Collateral Management Solution award focused on innovative solutions that cut the risks and costs associated with the new world of collateral management.

Raf Pritchard, CEO of triResolve, said: “This award for triResolve Margin is particularly meaningful since it was voted by market participants. With over 70 clients already using triResolve Margin and more in the pipeline, we believe that rapid growth will continue as companies understand the benefits of triResolve Margin’s centrally hosted automation service.”

With an expanding network, triResolve Margin is the market leader in providing a web-based, easy to implement and automated collateral management solution. Since its introduction in June 2016, triResolve Margin has rapidly gained support from the industry as firms understand the automation benefits of integrating portfolio reconciliation with the margin call process.

triResolve has been providing its renowned portfolio reconciliation service since 2006 and is now adopted by over 1,900 firms globally. By leveraging this service, triResolve Margin is unique in its ability to provide an STP exception-based margin processing solution. With advanced dispute analytics and a cost effective pricing model, triResolve Margin enables firms to increase operational efficiencies and focus on regulatory compliance. 


TriOptima A NEX Group business, TriOptima operates within NEX Optimisation which helps clients simplify complexity and optimise resources. For OTC derivatives, our services focus on lowering costs, eliminating operational and credit risk, improving counterparty exposure management and reducing systemic risk. triReduce reduces swap inventory and counterparty risk; triResolve reconciles OTC derivative portfolios, manages disputes, validates repository data, and automates margin management; triBalance manages cleared and bilateral counterparty risk while triCalculate measures and analyses counterparty risk.

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