EBS BrokerTec completes rebrand of EBS Treasury; a multi-product platform for Corporates

23 May 2016
Justin Meadows, CEO NEX Treasury

London, New York, 23 May, 2016 – EBS BrokerTec, ICAP's market-leading electronic foreign exchange (FX) and fixed income business, announces today that it has completed a rebrand of the product formerly known as MyTreasury and launched EBS Treasury as a cash and FX liquidity management centre for treasurers. As announced in July 2015, EBS Treasury has now gone live with a new FX offering, fully integrated into the new platform to act as a single gateway to multiple markets.

EBS BrokerTec has added new FX functionality onto the EBS Treasury platform to support the trading of FX spot, forwards and swaps, leveraging FX pricing from EBS Direct – EBS BrokerTec’s disclosed bilateral FX trading platform. Trades are executed via a streamed Request for Quote (RFQ) model, a new addition to EBS Direct’s execution functionality, which will allow banks to stream tailored prices to their corporate customers.

EBS Treasury will lead to greater efficiency for treasurers who currently source FX liquidity and money market products from multiple providers. EBS Treasury integrates seamlessly into existing treasury management systems, ensuring a cost-effective and fully customisable service for the end-user and competitive brokerage rates for banks. Currently there are over 450 corporates and over 600 funds and banks active on the platform.

Justin Meadows, Head of EBS Treasury, said: “The launch of EBS Treasury allows us to provide a single facility to trade FX and money market funds (MMF) to the corporate, fund and bank community. The EBS Treasury platform is a liquidity management centre for this community and enables them to simply and securely position their cash in the right currency, in the right place at the right time.”

The rebranding includes a new logo and website, www.ebstreasury.com. EBS Treasury is part of EBS BrokerTec, a division of the ICAP Group.



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About EBS BrokerTec

An award-winning division of the ICAP Group at the heart of the FX and fixed income global markets, EBS BrokerTec is a market-leading e-trading technology and solutions provider, offering access to multiple execution options and diverse, valuable liquidity. Constantly creating new, ground-breaking solutions, while continuously investing in proven, market-leading platforms and products, the business provides exceptional value to a globally diverse community of professional traders. For more information, go to www.ebsbrokertec.com.

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