NEX Optimisation transforms business to better serve clients

23 May 2017

- Business launches five new end-to-end solutions combining existing NEX Optimisation services

- New solutions will be available on NEX Infinity

- Andrés Choussy joins NEX Optimisation to lead Trade and Portfolio Management solutions pillar

London, New York, Singapore - NEX Optimisation, which helps clients reduce complexity and optimise resources across the transaction lifecycle, announces today that it has restructured to organise the business in a way that clients want to consume services and address their own financial, regulatory and operational challenges. The restructure transforms the way NEX Optimisation delivers its services to clients.

As part of the restructure, NEX Optimisation has launched five new ‘solutions pillars’ powered by TriOptima, Traiana, Reset, NEX Data, ENSO and Abide Financial. The solutions pillars will allow NEX Optimisation services to interoperate, forming end-to-end solutions that solve collective industry problems such as trade and portfolio management and regulatory reporting.

NEX Solutions Pillars

The solutions pillars will be led by:

  • Andrés Choussy, Head of Trade and Portfolio Management
  • Guy Rowcliffe, Head of Analytics
  • Collin Coleman, Head of Regulatory Reporting
  • Stuart Connolly, Head of Financial Resource Optimisation
  • Kevin Taylor, Head of Data Insights
  • Steve Gibson, Head of Opportunities

The Trade and Portfolio Management solutions pillar will be led by Andrés Choussy who joins NEX Optimisation from J.P. Morgan where he headed the Derivatives Clearing business in the Americas. In his previous role, Andrés served as the J.P. Morgan Board Member for Traiana and was a Member of the CME Clearinghouse Risk Committee, ICE Clear US Futures Risk Committee, the LCH US FCM Advisory Committee, and the CME OTC FX Steering Committee. Prior to this, Andrés held a number of positions at J.P. Morgan, including: Global Co-Head of OTC Clearing, Global Head of FX Prime Brokerage, and Head of Credit Derivatives Clearing in the Americas.

To support Andrés in growing NEX Optimisation’s Trade and Portfolio Management solutions pillar, Stephen Best has been appointed Head of Foreign Exchange Solutions. Stephen joins NEX Optimisation from NEX Markets where he was Head of FX Options for EBS. Prior to joining the company, Stephen held positions as CEO of FX Bridge Institutional Services, Global Head of Electronic Trading and Distribution for State Street Global Markets and Global Head of eCommerce Strategy for J.P. Morgan’s Global Currencies and Commodities Group.

The new solutions pillars will be delivered to clients via NEX Infinity, NEX Optimisation’s cloud hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which will enable them to connect once under a single master services agreement and select the services they need from one place.

Jenny Knott, CEO of NEX Optimisation, said: “NEX Optimisation’s raison d’être is to lead the transformation of market structure. In order to do this, it was important for us to rethink how we service our clients.  By combining our services which have natural synergies into end-to-end solutions, we are transforming ourselves and organising our business in a way that helps clients solve their own financial, regulatory and operational challenges.”


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NEX Optimisation Leading the transformation of market structure, NEX Optimisation offers a portfolio of cloud-hosted services across the transaction lifecycle. Ranging from pre-execution credit checking to multilateral portfolio compression, our purpose is to simplify our clients’ workflow and help them optimise their resources. We are an integrated team of financial markets and pioneering financial technology specialists who operate in all asset classes, geographies and business sectors across the financial markets.

We are dedicated to mitigating risk, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and streamlining increasingly complex processes for our clients. We offer the opportunity to optimise both regulatory and financial resources.

As part of the transformation in the way that NEX Optimisation delivers its services to customers, the business launched NEX Marketplace on 15 May 2017. NEX Marketplace is a new website which provides an interactive and consolidated view of all of its services, categorised and searchable intuitively by asset class, instrument, client type, solution and business. To access NEX Marketplace, please click here.

NEX Group plc offers customers better ways to execute trades and manage risk. Our products and services underpin the entire trade lifecycle pre-, during and post-execution. Our electronic trading platforms are industry standards. Customers use our lifecycle management and information services to optimise portfolios, control risk and reduce costs. We partner with emerging technology companies to bring greater efficiency, transparency and scale to the world’s capital markets. NEX is headquartered in London with offices worldwide. NEX. Empowering markets. For more information, go to  

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